My new studio project needs a title. If you can think of one, please send me an e-mail and if I will use your idea, you will be rewarded with a copy of all music in this project. Copyright of all music and scores on this page belongs to Peter Batink.


Second session

August 24th 2016, Bonnie Blue did a 2nd session. Although temperatures soared into the high eighties Fahrenheit, we wrapped up recording 2 songs in just under 2 hours. The songs "Dance" and "Walk of life" are technically more challenging, compared to the songs in the previous session. Bonnie gave an excellent performance! Afterwards there were less editing touch ups needed and it was really fun to search for slightly different saxophone sounds to fit the mood of these songs. We are well on our way now and there are still 5 songs to go...

First session

Bonnie Blue

February 7th 2016, saxophonist Bonnie Blue visited Studio 714. She came very well prepared and in a 3 hour session we recorded "The circus" and "Traffic". We had a lot of fun and Bonnie produced great sounds from her beautiful red copper tenor sax. We even made a start with "Walk of life" to straighten out some issues I caused, writing for a tenor sax without knowing how to play one :-)

In the week following this first session, I have completed editing the tracks. Slightly correcting minor timing/pitch/volume issues that do not need another take. Also toning down breathing and valve noises without compromizing the natural sound of the instrument. I searched and found information on how to apply EQ where needed:

  • Rumble: below 110Hz, use a low cut filter till 1100Hz
  • Bottom/Punch: 125-250Hz, boost parametrically around 200Hz
  • Fullness: 250-450Hz, cut parametrically around 492Hz
  • Honk/Nasal: 500Hz-1.6KHz, cut parametrically around 1.2KHz
  • Presence/Edge: 2-6KHz, boost parametrically around 5KHz
  • Definition: 6-8KHz
  • Air: 10-17KHz, use a high-shelf filter, boost from 11Khz and higher
  • Hiss: 17Khz


I'm still familiarizing myself with the sound of this complex instrument and making multiple mixes to learn what works best for the instrument and the song.

The next session we plan to finish "Walk of life" and record the "Dance" and "Lemonade" tracks. Timing in these tracks is quite challenging. Again, I can't wait...

Birth of a project

Originally being a guitarist, I started to compose and play different songs with different chord progressions, more characteristic to keyboard. Based on a combo of piano, double bass and drums, accompanied by a tenor lead sax, it's almost easy to create melodies following these chord progressions. My late father Dries Batink played the piano, in his very unique self-taught way and in his honour I bought a new Yamaha P-105B digital piano. That decision triggered this new studio project. I wrote all songs in august-september 2015.

Rehearsal tracks

  • 01 Walk of life
  • 02 Traffic
  • 03 The circus
  • 04 The office
  • 05 Dance
  • 06 Dinner at eight
  • 07 Lemonade
  • 08 Adrenaline
  • 09 Never too late

All musical instruments you hear on this rehearsal tracks, are virtual (sound generated by PC) but played live on the keyboard. I'm very happy to announce that I found a tenor sax player willing to replace the virtual sax instrument by the real deal. Can't wait for the first sessions...

The opening song of the project is a ballad named "Walk of Life", a song like a TV show. We zap through the path of life and look at it in many different and sometimes unexpected angles.

The song "Traffic" moves like a riverboat to an unknown place just to find out you have to be in the next place for the real adventure.

"The Circus" is a nightclub style shuffle that describes the magic between a live performer and his audience. I´m particularly proud of the song´s intro and wayward sax tune.

Yamaha P-105B digital piano

Next I tried to capture the daily routine at "The Office" in a song. A typewriter (listen to the intro hi-hat) might not be an up-to-date office device, still it triggers the right emotion.

The next song is "Dance". No complications, it simply expresses the energy of being happy.

"Dinner at eight" is anticipation on a dinner date. Will she show? Will all go well. At the end of the song I hope there´s a click ;-)

Then there is "Lemonade". Sweet 'n sour at the same time and yes, when life gives you lemons...

Adrenaline is a rhythm piece about stress and frustration that originates from not following your passion. I really should start to change things ;-)

The final song of the project is "Never too late". It's a statement that it's never too late to change, even if you already failed to do so a thousand times before.