May 2015 I said hello to my neighbour Oda Maria Raue. After a brief mutual introduction and some small talk I learned she composes and performes her own songs. I told her about studio 714 and invited her to do a session. We started recording July 2015. Oda Maria played her 4 piece "Lek suite" about enjoying a sunny day in the typical Dutch water meadows of the river "Lek". She sets the scene on her piano in vivid details and her playing style colors it with clear emotions.

After the first recording session, I asked Oda Maria if I might add an orchestral arrangement. She agreed and I was very happy with her reaction on the result. So all the parts where extended with an orchestral arrangement.

Copyright of all music on this page belongs to Oda Maria Raue.

De Lek suite

  • 01 De natuur ontwaakt
  • 02 Op de strekdam
  • 03 Het water zingt
  • 04 De avond valt

  • Part 1, "De natuur ontwaakt" (Nature awakes) paints a beautiful sunrise, wading birds in small pools in the water meadow. 
  • Part 2, "Op de strekdam" (On the pier) catches the relaxed feeling of playing, resting, picknicking on the pier, swimming in the water.
  • Part 3, "Het water zingt" (The water sings) moves like the waves touched by the wind and water birds, stirred by little and big boats moving by.
  • Part 4, "De avond valt" (Evening falls) depicts a beautiful sunset over calming waters while nature gently kisses the day goodbye.

Oda Maria performes her music on radio Maria Nederland.