An electronic drumkit is perfectly fit for a room without acoustic isolation (like a bedroom home studio) after you minimize contact noise caused by kick- and hihat pedals. Create a drum stage that isolates the pedals from your floor while maitaining stability of your kit. There are multiple solutions like the "floor of tennisballs".

I like to keep things simple and came up with the following solution:

  • rubber "kindergarten" tiles of 50x50 cm (€11,- per piece),
  • black "polyurethan" tiles of 100x50 cm (€17,50 per 2 pieces)
  • timber 5x1.2 cm
  • 12 parkers 4x4 cm

First I made a frame with 2 parkers per connection using the timber . On every corner of the frame I also placed a parker at the bottom to function as a leg to isolate sound. Then place the frame on the floor and place a layer of polyurethan tiles. Next, place a layer of the rubber tiles. Last, place another layer of rubber tiles that overlap the seams of the layer underneath to keep things stable and top it off with a non-skid mat to keep your kit in place. You can cut the polyurethan tiles with a stanley knife or scissors and the rubber tiles with a jigsaw.

Finally, I like to share my first ever drum session. I could not even wait until my drumstage was finished. It's really fun!