In the early 90's when I was as a temporary employee at the "Spaarnestad" publishers post room, I met Geert Faber. It did not take long before I found out that Geert played guitar, sang covers and had a unique style. After a visit at my student home he asked me if I could make an orchestral tape he could perform live with and maybe even make a CD as a collectors item for his own archive.

This turned into a project called "Just for Friends". Geert had a lot of ideas about arrangements and music I was not familiar with, but also left room for my creativity. We really made this CD together.

The photo on the cover of the CD was a kind turn of a DTP colleague at "Spaarnestad" that almost got Geert in trouble, but men, we had fun!

Just for Friends

  • 01 The girl from ipanema
  • 02 All of me
  • 03 Wild world
  • 04 What's another year
  • 05 Malle molen
  • 06 Yesterday
  • 07 My way
  • 08 You're my best friend
  • 09 Keep on smiling
  • 10 Mr. Sandman
  • 11 Footsteps 1
  • 12 Born free
  • 13 Halfway 2
  • 14 Malle Babbe
  • 15 You've got a friend

1. and 2. Music and Lyrics written by Peter Batink.


In those days I was very happy that my 80+ years old landlady was as deaf as a doornail. The room was heated by a gas heater and I can't count the times oxygen levels ran dangerously low. One time a chair near the heater even caught fire. Technically I had very limited resources and the digital domain for my MS-DOS PC was MIDI only. Using SMTE signal on the 4th track of my 4-track tape recorder I was able to synchronize MIDI to audio... endless possibilities :-)


Just for Friends, may 1996 (9605-34503-2):

  • This CD was Produced and mastered by P. Batink.
  • recorded at the 'Second Floor' Studio, Croeselaan 345bis, Utrecht.
  • CD-R production by Frank van Schip Studio, Houten.
  • Coverdesign by G. Faber en P. Batink.