The second CD of ART.461 named "Get the Sheep to Sickbay" got its title from the SciFi TV series "Star Trek: the Next Generation". The leprechaun and sheep are a follow up on the debut CD. The fact that this CD was released almost at the same time Rien Poortvliet died, is a pure coincidence :-)

Drummer Joost Hack left the band after the release of this CD. Drummer Michael Riesenbeck joined the band and succeeded to fill Joosts big shoes.


Get the Sheep to Sickbay

  • 01 Cry
  • 02 No way back
  • 03 The Silhouette
  • 04 The way it looks tonight
  • 05 People say
  • 06 Master of the game
  • 07 Dreaming
  • 08 Don't try to fool me
  • 09 One million more


From left to Right:

  • Inge van den Burg - lead vocals
  • André Nelissen - bas
  • Hans Pijnenburg - keyboards en backing vocals
  • Boudewijn van den Burg - gitaar en backing vocals
  • Joost Hack - drums
  • Peter Batink - gitaar en backing vocals

Get the Sheep to Sickbay, november 1998 (9811-34505-2):

  • This CD was recorded at studio 'Second Floor' and studio 'Groove Top' in Utrecht.
  • Drums recorded at 'Rock Solid studio' in Utrecht.
  • Mixed and mastered by Inge van den Burg, Peter Batink en Boudewijn van den Burg.
  • Cover & Design by Jacco Scheer
  • Phorography by Paul Ham and Siska Zwaan.