Hi, welcome to my website. My name is Peter Batink and I work in IT. I'm a musician and homerecording aficionado and passionately run my hobby studio for almost 3 decades now. In 1999 I established my own creative workspace called "Studio 714" deploying non-commercial activities only.

I played guitar in some local bands and in my studio I also developed skills playing piano, bass and drums. I compose my own songs and arrange songs for others. My recording, mixing and producing skills mostly come from the internet, learning from and listening to others. My IT background helps me to understand the digital audio domain. Besides music I'm exploring the fascinating world of video rendering, creating a reality with nothing more than your own imagination.

My biggest challenges in music are:
  • the "less is more" aphorism, avoiding crowded arrangements and dense mixes.
  • "WYHIWYG", your main tools are your ears! It may seem obvious but software interfaces can trick you into hearing what you see.
  • Writing Lyrics without losing myself in metre and form. A succesful lyric conveys an emotion/feeling appropriate for the song and must be universally understood.

Wanted: Lyricist!

I am looking for someone who wants to see his/her lyrics published, used in my songs. If you are interested, please send me an email. My song styles are pop, rock, funk, blues, country, ballads.